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19 Dec

NewtonsI hit the 300 mile mark with my first pair of running shoes (Asics) a couple of months ago and knew it was time for a new pair.  I had been having some typical running pains, particularly in my IT band.  I’d been consciously trying to neutralize my hips while running, and that was helping some but I wondered if the Newtons I had read about could also help.  I also had plantar fasciitis and a suspected stress fracture in the spring, which I attributed to striking my heel when I ran.

These shoes are designed to keep you on a midfoot strike.  They feel strange at first wear.  It’s like there is a launchpad in the middle of your foot.  This makes it nearly impossible to land on your heel when running.

I was curious to try these after reading an article in Runner’s World about them, but also a little nervous upon purchasing because they (like many running shoes) are expensive.  However, there is a 60 (or 90?) day grace period offered – try them, run as much as you want in them, and if you don’t like them return them, presumably no questions asked.  I won’t know how good that return policy is, because I am in love.  First, I LOVE the look.  The colors are so fun without being too shouty.  But much more importantly is how my body feels after 2 or 3 months using them.  My IT band issues are gone (just to be fair, I want to reemphasize that I consciously have tried to change my running gait to keep my hip from dropping as well as shortening my stride), I have no plantar fasciitis issues, no pain anywhere.

I wouldn’t have even thought to write about my shoes if I didn’t get asked about them so often.  A month or so ago I was running near my home and a neighbor caught up to me to ask me how I liked them.  She said she knows she is a heel striker and feels the effects of it so was thinking of trying them.  I ran the Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving morning, and I had two people strike up a conversation with me about them.

In summary, in my humble opinion, I highly recommend Newtons.  They have been really great for me, and I have no reason to believe my next pair would be anything but Newtons.  (This is only my fifth or so post on this blog, so rest assured no one is paying me to say this! 🙂 )