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Beauty Is You Quilt

21 Dec

Quilt topI’ve been working on this quilt for a while.  I used the Beauty Is You line from Blend Fabrics.  I really love the line, and even after working on this quilt for a few weeks I’m still not tired of looking at it.

I am making this quilt for my mother-in-law’s 70th birthday, which has already come and gone so I am anxious to get it to her.  I made great progress on it during quilt camp, completing the top and starting and finishing the back.  I didn’t have enough batting at camp (or time) to start making the quilt sandwich, but Monday I finished work for the year and I’ve been able to get as far as finishing the quilting.  Now just need to make and attach the binding.

This was my first time making flying geese.  I really loved the process and the result.  My points weren’t always perfect, and my friend Faith likes to do hers with paper piecing to get a really accurate result, but it was good enough for me.


Quilt Camp

12 Dec

pillowI went to “Quilt Camp” last weekend up in Michigan.  It was my first sewing retreat, and it was a blast!  Brenda at Pink Castle Fabrics organized the event, and there were classes from Faith at freshlemons.com, Jeni at incolororder.com, Heather from OliveandOllie.com, and Brenda.  There was also loads of free sewing time.  I really felt like I got loads accomplished.  I have never had such large chunks of time to focus on projects, and it felt so strange to start and complete a project in such a compressed timeframe.  I made the pillow shown here for my 2 1/2 year old daughter, Layla, using Faith’s paper piecing (poinsetta star).  I always feel a little guilt that Layla doesn’t have very many handmade things from me but her brother does.  I’ve been waiting until she got old enough to know what she is interested in so I could make things she would like, and she is starting to get to that age now.  The pillow has a lot of fussy cutting of Heather Ross prints from Spoonflower – mostly mermaids.  Layla loves “princesses” which she thinks these are. 🙂  I am happy to report that she LOVES her pillow.  She sleeps with it, even though it’s a bit big for her and by the time I check on her at night her head is never on it anymore. 

I couldn’t resist making something for Hayden, too.  I couldn’t walk in the door with something for her and not for him, could I!  So I made Jeni’s bag with some Laurie Wisbrun fabric which will be out soon.  (It’s great having a wonderful friend like Faith who shares fabric so generously!)  He was really excited to receive it, even though he hasn’t really mentioned it or even touched it since I gave it to him. 😉  I’m thinking it will be a good home to some Legos someday.

I also made great progress on a quilt I have been working on for my mother-in-law from the Beauty is You line.  This is my first time doing flying geese (using this method), and I love how it turned out.  Sorry I haven’t got a photo of it yet (you can check instagram though, at karagoodwin).

So, really a great weekend at Quilt Camp!  There are rumored to be more in the works, so I hope to be able to do it again.