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Turning UFOs into FOs

17 Dec

Quilt front  Ribbon starThis was a rare weekend for us of not having too much planned (particularly rare considering how close to Christmas we are!).  So I made as much use of my time as I could working through my small stack of UFO (unfinished objects) projects.

During Quilt Camp the previous weekend, I had completed the Quilt backpoinsettia star pillow for Layla.  My stepmom asked me when she was going to get a pillow, so I thought I should try to get one done for her for Christmas.  I had created a Ribbon Star block over the summer, as part of the Solstice Star Series, and I had intended to make a pillow out of it for a bench in our hallway.  However, time being what it is I never completed that project.  I loved the colors though, and thought it would be a nice compliment to the colors in my dad’s house.  So I added some sashing, an envelop closure back, and some binding, and ta-da!

I have also had that diamond baby quilt nearly finished since the summer.  I had loads of friends due to have babies this year, and I had grand intentions of making each of them a baby quilt.  Most of them did not find out ahead of time what they were having, but I figured if I just starting making girl quilt then boy quilt then girl quilt, etc, that I should be covered for a while.  About the time I was almost done with this one, the boys started coming (and I also wasn’t keeping up with my goal of presenting each baby with a quilt all that well).  We have had a good friend have a baby girl in the last week or two, so I finally pulled this out and got the binding on, so it’s ready to be shipped off soon… just as soon as I can get a better picture of it!  ****(Update – got a better picture with the help of my daughter, Layla, as well as one of the back – try not to be too distracted by those adorable eyes 😉 )****

I also got my mother-in-law’s quilt sandwich done.  Now to just quilt and bind that, and then I can start something new!  Layla knows I really want to make her a quilt, as she should be migrating to a big girl bed one of these days.  When I was working on the quilt sandwich she kept asking me if that was her quilt, bless her.