Cold Weather Running

7 Jan

It’s very cold and snowy outside, and it has been for a couple of weeks now.  I haven’t even contemplated running outside and am grateful for my treadmill which allows me to keep up my fitness regime without having to endure windburned cheeks.  I’m getting pretty familiar with my new treadmill’s 17 programs.  I’m able to get a good sweat going, and I hope my fitness is continuing to improve.  Because I am trying to focus on speedwork – something I think a treadmill should take a lot of the thought out of compared to running outside – most of my treadmill workouts are interval based, so I’m only running at my top speed for a couple of minutes or so before I’m in recovery at a slower speed.  My worry about this is the treadmill says I am only going about 6.5 mph, and that is a fairly average pace when I’m outside, not top speed.  Somehow it feels so much faster on my treadmill.  I think tomorrow I might wear my Nike+ while on the treadmill so I can see if it (which is what records my speed/distance while running outside) shows the same pace and distance as the treadmill.  I know my last treadmill thought I was going slower/shorter than Nike+ did, but I use Nike+ during the (rare) races I have participated in and it has been accurate for those distances.  Regardless, it’s supposed to warm up some this week so I might be able to get out and see how my treadmill workouts have translated to outside running – although I think when it warms up it will be with rain, so I may have to prolong my curiosity!


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