Candy Pinwheels Quilt

2 Jan

Phew, what a wonderful holiday break!  I had a couple of weeks off work, so between that and being a little house bound due to snow I was able to start focusing on my next project.  I really want to get a quilt made for my daughter.  I had made made my son’s first quilt when he moved into his big boy bed, and somehow Layla is nearing that age already and I want her to have one for her first big bed, too.  I really wanted to NOT do a Fresh Lemons quilt design because even though I love Faith dearly as a friend and quilter, I have now done so many of her designs that she might expect to see a little shrine with her picture and candles and all my sewing projects inspired by her the next time she comes for a visit!  However, I had bought a copy of Quilty magazine because she had a pattern in there.  Her pattern ticked all of the boxes – large pieces to display the funner, girly prints I want to incorporate, lots of color, not too difficult, and something I had not already done.  So, color me stalker but I am going with the Candy Pinwheels from Faith in Quilty magazine.  Anna Maria Horner also had an awesome pattern for a feather quilt in the magazine which I was really tempted to do, but it had a lot of negative space which wasn’t right for what I want to do for my little girl.  I think I will be trying that in the future, though!


2 Responses to “Candy Pinwheels Quilt”

  1. Faith January 2, 2013 at 10:18 pm #

    LOL, I had to read your post to Jeremy, I was laughing so hard! I can’t wait to see my shrine!!!

    • karagoodwin January 3, 2013 at 10:59 am #

      I wonder if you’ll still be laughing when you see the cork board I just bought to display the secret pictures I have been taking of you. “This one is called, ‘Faith in the arboretum.’ Next you’ll see, ‘Faith at Target.'” (insert evil laugh)

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