Two Hobbies Collide

18 Dec

I got an email over the weekend about a second quilt camp in May, which happens to land the same weekend as my first half marathon!  I had such a great time at quilt camp the weekend before last, and I would have done everything I could to attend the next one, except sacrifice something as special as my first half marathon!  As my husband said, “two hobbies are colliding.”  It is also my husband’s birthday weekend, so I felt guilty enough carving out a morning for myself for the half marathon (although he has been 100% supportive) much less missing the whole weekend. 😉

So, there was never any question that I will carry on with the Mini Marathon as planned – I just found it funny that two such big, fun things were happening at the same time.  Incidentally, I had planned on the Mini being my first half marathon, but since signing up I’ve been considering doing the half for the Carmel Marathon.  I wondered if I would be crazy for doing 2 only 2 weeks apart, but after talking to a more experienced runner she thought that if I was training I would already being doing at least 10 miles 2 weeks prior to the race, so it should be ok.  Still haven’t signed up for the Carmel one, but as long as my schedule holds then I expect I will at least be doing the 8K.


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